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Skin Care And Food

The general health and the skin are interdependent to each other.

This direct relationship is so pronounced that, the state of the skin serves as a clue for any medical person or even to any laymen to a gauge the overall health and even certain ailments.

Hence, when we talk of the health of the skin and the associated skin care, it also entails the overall health of the body. 

Spurt of acne on the face, sudden and inordinate wrinkling of skin could be the outer manifestation of some inner ailments of the body. Likewise, lack of any proper skin care could lead to some ailments that would have adverse an effect on the body. 

So, having a healthy body is also a necessary skin care regimen for maintaining a radiant skin. In this regard, eating proper food is also part of the skin regimen. 

Let’s discuss the different types of foods that have a bearing upon the skin. 

As we all know equal proportions of carbohydrate, proteins and fat are essential elements that the body requires. But consuming them in excessive amount and in a lopsided proportion would lead to the development of skin problem. So, it is essential to maintain the recommenced amount of each of them.

The protein taken with the oils that contain the trans fatty acids and saturated fats affects the skin badly and lead to the formation of wrinkles.

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Having butter is essential for the body. But daily in take of butter would hasten up the aging process of the skin. Hence, the butter should be taken in moderation for proper skin care.

The onset of diabetes in the middle age plays havoc on your skin. It makes the skin lustreless robbing its tone. Hence, your food habit should be such that it would keep the glucose level in your blood under control.

Avoiding foods that contain high doses of sugar is part of the skin care regimen.

Some foods like cakes, ice-creams contain high amount of carbohydrate and are assigned as high glycaemic as they raise the level of blood sugar in the body. Refraining from such foods is part of maintaining a good skin care regiment.

Eating raw green fruits are good for the skin. Hence, they should be made part of your daily diet.

The vegetables are good for the skin. Moderately cooked vegetable should be regularly taken. For maintaining a proper skin care, even some of the vegetable can be eaten raw as salads.

A prudent skin regimen recommends that you should not be having chips at all cost to maintain a good skin as they contain excess amount of oil in it.

Any skin care regimen includes guzzling up of plentiful water. They hydrate the body and skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

Alcohol should be avoided at any cost for the suitable care of your skin. 

Eating a prudently selective diet is essential for attaining a healthy skin.

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