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Skin Care During Summer

The summer months are often a difficult time for your skin. During this time, there is more sweating in the body due to the rise in temperature. Proper skin care is necessary to manage the itching and foul smell during such times. 

The specific skin problems that come up during the summer months that need special skincare are as follows:

The skin forms a natural protective layer to protect it from the effects of the environment. This layer is made up of the sebum and the perspiration. Due to the loss of high amount of fluid during summer months, the body automatically produces more perspiration and sebum to combat the temperature.

These perspiration and sebum gradually dries out and forms a coating on the skin clogging the natural pores of the skin. Hence, cleaning them thoroughly is part of the skin care during summer months.

During summer, the intensity of the sun rays in more. During that period, apart from generating searing heat, the sun rays also radiate high amount of ultra-violet radiation.

The high intensity ultraviolet rays are responsible for the skin cancer. Hence, during summer months, proper skin care is necessary for these types of problems. 

Skin care during summer

Cleaning the skin forms the most basic skin care regimen during the summer. Soap can also be used for this purpose.

Light moisturiser should be used and oil and paraffin based creams and lotions should be avoided.

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Exfoliation of the skin could also be made part of the skin care regimen during summer but it can only be done with moderation. Toner, preferably free of alcohol should be applied after the exfoliation and cleansing.

The scorching heat during summer at times, chaps the lips. So, only lipsticks only with sun blocks should be used to protect it.

The skin care during summer also involves the application of moisturiser before going to bed at night.

Wearing loose linen, preferably of cotton fabric is part of essential skin care regimen during summer and is necessary for keeping the skin healthy by allowing the flow or air. Cloths made up of synthetic fabric should be avoided at all cost.

Protection of the skin from the hazardous effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun is also a very important aspect of the skin care during summer. The fair people are at a greater risk of damages from the ultraviolet rays. The hazards of the ultraviolet rays are wrinkle formation and skin cancer.

Hence, the exposed body parts, especially the face should be covered. Large hats should be used to cover the face, while loose fittings clothes should be worn to cover other body parts like the hands, and legs.

Use of effective sun screen products is necessary to avoid them. It is better to use a natural sun screen for the said purpose.

Skin care during summer also involves the intake of proper food. High fat diet should be avoided during summer. 

These are some of the tips for proper skin care during summer.

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