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Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

Some people have sensitive skin and people with such skin type need to give more attention to proper skin care. To do this, one should know about the symptoms of a sensitive skin. 

Symptoms of sensitive skin

The sensitive skins generally have a high level of reaction to any external influence. They may be the dusts and pollutants in the water. Some other times, even taking some foods may trigger a bout of skin allergies on people with a sensitive skin.

Generally, the skin on the face is most sensitive to such external influence. The physical ramifications of such reactions of the sensitive can be in the following forms

  • The sensitive skin would react to normal shaving and would develop redness on the skin. Such reaction would also result with any mental and physical stress, climatic changes.

  • Abnormal reaction even to any cosmetic intervention. 

  • Manifestation of both visible discolouration of skin.

  • There is also a feeling of discomfort on the skin in the form of irritation and tingling. 

The above mentioned symptoms occur in case of sensitive skins even when there is no serious skin disease like psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea etc. The sensitive skins have a higher degree of tendency to develop such types of skin ailments. Hence, skin care in cases of people with sensitive skin is more demanding. 

Skin care for sensitive skin

Limiting the exposure of the skin to any form of external chemical forms the most important aspect of the skin care for sensitive skin. They can be the soap you use to bath or the detergent you use to wash your clothes.

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It is important that you use a glove while washing cloths, your cooking utensils to protect the skin on the hand.

Use of less reactive detergents should be used for such purposes. While taking bath, it is better use the liquid soap in stead of the soap bars as they are less likely to affect your skin.

Abstaining form of alcohol, caffeine is also part of the skin care of sensitive skin. The intake of spices and oil in your food should also be reduced.

Use of any fragrances or scents directly on the skin or through the soap should be avoided.

It is wise not use the products of skin care for the purpose of exfoliation. Although they free the skin from dead cell, they also have the tendency to cause irritation and itching.

The skin care product you use like the facial cleanser should be mild. As the tolerance capacity is less, in stead of cleaning the skin they might create inflammation.

The chemicals having the composition of sulphate, carboxylate have the tendency to irritate the skin and should be avoided. The natural or herbal skin care products for this purpose are less likely to have an adverse on the skin and could be tried.

The winter months need special skin care. Moisturisers should be used for skin care against the dryness that sets in during such times. 

These are some of the skin care tips for the sensitive skin.

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