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Winter Skin Care

The skin is the protective cover of our body. Hence, the overall health of the body is dependent upon it. It also plays an important role in our mental make up.

A glowing skin undoubtedly boosts up our mood and confidence level. Hence, skin care is of vital importance for a healthy body and mind. 

The skin care also needs adjustments and modifications depending upon the environmental factors. The climate is one such external factor that has a direct bearing on the health of the skin.

Different seasons need different skin care regimen. Winter is one such season when the skin needs special attention and skin care. 

Let’s find out the different skin care regimens one should follow for the health of the skin during the winter season. 

The winter season, is no doubt very harsh on the skin. The chilling wind and the snow bites the skin and makes it dry. This effect is more pronounced on the face.

If you possess sensitive skin, then the effects of cold is more intense. If you happen to live in places, where the mercury dips really low resulting in snow fall, then the skin gets chapped. 

So, how can you manage your skin in such conditions? Here are few skin care tips that would help you to safeguard your skin during winter. 

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The temperature of your bath water should be tepid. It should neither be too cold or too hot. If the water is too hot, then also, it would harm your skin.

The face should not be washed with hot water as the temperature difference between the hot water and the surrounding cold would affect the sensitive skin of the face.

The duration of the bath should be less than ten minutes as prolonged exposure to hot water, would make the skin dry which might lead to itchiness.

Use of moisturiser forms the main part of skin care regimen during winter. But, care should be taken not to use any water based moisturiser as the cold would have a freezing effect on the skin.

The moisturiser should be applied immediately after the bath. This would retain the water and also the suppleness of the skin.

Drinking of plenty of water is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and hence should be made part of your skin care regimen.

During winter months, the humidity level in the atmosphere drastically falls. Hence, it is wise to use a humidifier inside the room to keep the humidity level high. This is one of the ways of proper skin care during the winter season.

Use of proper sun screen lotion should also be made part of your skin regimen during the winter as well. The sun rays during the winter season are also dangerous.

The lips are most affected during the winter months. Use of proper lipstick to protect the lips from getting chapped is an important aspect of skin care during winter. 

These are some of the tips that are recommended for good skin care during the winter months.

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