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How to Stay Acne Free: The 3 Steps to Stop Acne

Nowadays, skin care plays a very important role in beauty and health. Many people are paying attention to their skin, making sure that it is supple, young, and free from blemishes.

However, there are some people who suffer from acne. Acne is an unsightly condition, and could really lower one’s self confidence. Although acne can be treated, it’s still best to take some steps to prevent it, through tips on how to stay acne free. 

The best thing you can do at home is to follow self care tips on how to stay acne free. By doing so, you can stop acne even before it starts. These tips are also good if you’re acne is newly treated, and you would want to stop it from reappearing. 

Cleanse Daily 

An important tip in how to stay acne free is to make sure that your skin is free from excess oil and dirt by cleansing regularly. Choose cleansers that are mild and nonabrasive, so that you wouldn’t be stripping your skin of its natural pH levels. 

Refrain from scrubbing too hard as you could only irritate your skin even further. Although cleansing is very important in how to stay acne free, make sure you don’t overdo it. Once or twice a day will do. Too much cleansing will strip your skin of its natural oils and cause it to work against you, and instead produce more oil. 

Warm water is also recommended to use, since it opens up your pores and allows easier extraction of dirt and oils, which helps how to stay acne free. 

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Exfoliate Regularly 

Exfoliation is another way on how to stay acne free. It helps get rid of old dead skin cells that clog up pores and ultimately, cause acne. Also, it removes dirt, oil and debris deep within the pores. Exfoliation also aids in controlling the excess production of oil, another cause of acne breakouts.

When exfoliating, make sure you stick to a once-a-week regular exfoliation regimen. Overdoing exfoliation will lead to irritation and redness, and will not help in how to stay acne free. 

Choose Skin Friendly Products 

When choosing skin products, make sure you choose oil-free and water-based products as much as possible. Being choosy with the products you apply on your skin will help on how to stay acne free. Stay away from thick and heavy crèmes that make your skin look oily at the end of the day.

Go for water based products that hydrate your skin, and aid in maintaining your skin’s normal pH levels. Also, choose products which are non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores and cause acne. This is another tip in how to stay acne free. 

Those are some main tips in staying acne free. Self care is very important in preventing the onset of acne. Just remember to keep your skin from collecting excess oils and dirt. As much as possible, keep your hands (which can be dirty) away from your face, as well as your hair (which might have excess oils).

Never sleep with your makeup on – no matter how tired you are – if you’re really determined on how to stay acne free. Pair your facial care regimen with proper diet and lots of water intake, and you’re sure to keep acne breakouts and blemishes at bay.

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