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Top 4 Acne Skincare Tips

Skin care is very important, especially when you have acne. As much as possible, you want your skin to be free from dirt, excess oils, and bacteria. This is so you can control your acne and avoid it from worsening. There are several acne skincare tips available today. Below you can find the top four acne skincare tips that could help control your acne. 

Cleanse Gently

Many people make the misconception of cleansing too much as acne skincare to maintain a clean face. However, if you wash too often in a day, chances are, you are stripping your skin of its natural oils, and as a result produces more oil to compensate. 

For acne skincare, once or twice a day is enough, and don’t forget to use a mild and non-abrasive cleanser. Gently massage your skin using clean fingers (never scrub!) and use lukewarm or cool water to rinse thoroughly. Make sure you also wash your skin after perspiring heavily, since sweat could trap in bacteria and dirt, possibly aggravating your acne. 

Avoid Acne Skincare Myths

Many people with acne try on toners, masks, astringents and exfoliants in order to clear up their acne. What they don’t know is it could actually make it worse. Also, some of these products might hamper the effectiveness and strength of your prescription acne medication, so avoid using these products. 

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Another helpful acne skincare tip is to never pop, squeeze, or pick at your pimples. It will only make it worse, and it could lead to scarring. Also, forgo using the rubbing alcohol. Although some people use it to dry up oily skin, it will actually irritate your skin and could bring about breakouts. 

Choose Non-Comedogenic Skin Care Products and Cosmetics

When shopping for skin care products and cosmetics, it’s best to choose those that are non-comedogenic. This means that the product does not clog up pores and cause breakouts. When looking for products suited for acne skincare, read labels of the product and see if it is non-comedogenic. If possible, also go for water-based products that do not contain oil. 

Protect Your Skin From the Sun 

Sun protection is a very important acne skincare tip. This means using sunscreen with the right amount of SPF in order to protect your skin. Too much sun exposure could dry up your skin and lead to premature aging, giving you sun spots and wrinkles. Also, it could increase the risk of skin cancer. 

An acne skincare sun protection method is to use sunscreen with at least SPF 15, and protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. 

Also, it helps to wear apparel and accessories that protect your skin, such as long-sleeved shirts, jeans, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats. 

Exercise Caution when Shaving

For men, shaving can be tough especially when one has acne. For acne skincare in shaving, make sure you soften the hairs with lukewarm water before shaving. Get a razor with a sharp blade to avoid nicks that could lead to skin irritation. Avoid shaving too hard, as it could nick acne lesions.

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