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Antiaging Skin Care - A Quest for Youthfulness

With increasing stress level and lack of time it is becoming all the more difficult for people to take proper care of our skin. Since our skin is a part of our body it is important to take care of our overall health. 

Our health gets reflected in our skin. Stress is a very important cause of the aging of the body and skin. Aging is the body’s reaction to stress.

For some Antiaging skin care treatments can be avoided by proper care and nutrition. In fact it is a treatment by itself. For others however antiaging skin care is a necessity because of their specific medical condition.

Antiaging skin care treatments are available in plenty these days. But we must be careful about choosing them and take expert advice before indulging in them. They may be in the form of cosmetic procedures, drugs, skin care, facial care and sun care. 

As mentioned earlier, nutrition does play an important role in rejuvenating the skin. It however my not be to totally wipe off aging by itself. That is where cosmetic, surgical and laser anti aging skin care treatments come to scene. These are all antiaging skin care treatments. You should however learn to bring a balance within the two ways as per individual needs.

We need to fill our body with essential vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet as well as take proper outward care of it with proper cleansing and moisturizing. Some of the food that help in antiaging skin care are Salmon fish, blueberries, beans, peppers, eggs and barley.

There are many advantages of nourishing the skin from within. They are:

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· The diets with the essential nutrients are beneficial not on for the skin but also to the whole body.

· When we apply antiaging skin care cream on our skin we cannot be sure if it has penetrated inside our body and may as well be wiped by a shower but when we eat healthy food with loads of nutrients it gets absorbed into our blood stream and reaches the skin cells.

· No skin cream can provide dozens of nutrients and metabolites that every cell in our body requires. Some of these nutrients and metabolites, like vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids come from food and some others are produced by the body themselves via the nutritious food.

· The aging of the overall body slows down when it is influenced by proper nutrition. So along with the body the aging of the skin also slows down.

On the other hand there are certain limitations of nutrition. They are:

· The aging of the skin is due to damage from the sun, wind, and pollution as well as due to nature of our human body. Proper nutrition may reduce physiological changes in our body but cannot fight the damage from outside environment. This can be achieved by lesser exposure to the sun, using appropriate sun-block and moisturizing creams.

· People with digestive problems cannot absorb nutrients through the GI tract. So they need other approaches for anti aging skin care.

So the bottom line for antiaging skin care is to protect, restore and nourish our skin and body both by internal nourishment and externally. Neglecting this can surely result in faster aging of the skin.

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