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Tips on How to Choose Skin Care Cosmetics

Winter is the season when your skin tends to get dry, chapped and sensitive. Your facial skin in particular comes in direct contact with frost, snow and the icy wind when outside and at home or office it comes in touch with heat from the room heaters. 

Chapping of the skin is the most dangerous part in winters. The skin not only tends to get crack but also it gets red and sometimes sores are formed on the skin. The lips tend to dry up the most in winters.

Therefore in winters utmost care has to be taken to have a glowing and smooth skin. To get a smooth and clear skin in winters you have to change your skin care regime in winters. Winter skin care products available over the counters will also help you out.

Body scrub is an essential winter skin care product. Use a body scrub to smoothen and soften your skin from flakes. There are many types of body scrubs available in the market. These scrubs are available with different fragrances, price and compositions.

Body lotion is the essential skincare product in winters which you will not be able to avoid at any cost. The thick liquid of the body lotion gives a soothing and moisturizing effect to your body after applying it on your body. If you are having a dry skin then a body lotion is a must for you. The body lotion will prevent your skin from drying up.

Moisturize your face with a good moisturizer. Do not use water based moisturizers in winters because as they contain water in it, it tends to freeze in winter. So use oil based moisturizers in winters. Moisturizers should contain essential oils and vitamins to nourish the skin. Use moisturizers according to the type of your skin.

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Lip balm is a skin care product that is required to protect your lips in winters. The skin of the lip is very thin and soft. So it tends to crack down very easily in winters. Sometimes even blood too oozes out and it is painful too. Moisturize your lips with a good lip balm after removing the chapped skin from the lips.

Foot cream is also another skin care product which is required in winters. Heels tends to crack in winters because of drying of the skin. The foot cream should be rich in emollients, contains effective moisturizers for the skin.

This will help the cracked heels and sooths, softens and refreshes your feet. The cream should contain vitamin e to nourish your skin.

Before trying any type of skin care product check out the expiry date of the product. Do not use your previous years’ lip balms. Always use fresh lips balms other wise you may get adverse effect with expired balms.

With all these winter skin care products take a proper care of your skin too. In winters do not use very hot water for bath. Use lukewarm water in bathing. Lukewarm water will prevent your skin from drying up.

Click Here For Our Exclusive Review Of
The Top 5 Acne Treatments

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