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Herbal Medicines For Acne Treatments

Acne is usually characterized by skin blemishes or pimples. Acne appears at puberty and over the age of 40 in women, when they enter menopause. Herbal medicines or remedies are the best and safe way for acne treatments. In this article you will come across the best herbs that are used for acne treatments.

Herbs are quite gentle in their effect and can be used as a long term treatment for acne. Many herbs like cleavers, red clover, and yellow dock can be mixed together in water to make tea. Drinking a cup 3 times a day can help you get a clear skin.

Acnes occur due to hormonal imbalances and in the modern world can be treated with antibiotics. But this is not advisable as some antibiotics can prove harmful for the liver and other organs of the body. In scientific terms, the skin is controlled by the systematic functioning of the liver and lungs.

Acne occurs when there is excessive heat and toxin formation in the lungs. Effective herbs help to cool the heat by cleansing and detoxifying the liver and the lungs. Some of the herbs used as remedies for treating acnes are as follows: 

Calendula Officinalis: This is an astringent and an antiseptic herb. These are most commonly used for acne treatments and certain problems or diseases related to the skin.

Soapwort: This contains saponins, which is an extract used to make soap. By using this ingredient you can make your own cleanser or face wash. This can be done by using boiling 15g of soapwort in a liter of hot water. Strain the liquid and keep it in fridge for 2- 3 days.

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Elder: Elder is a tonic and purifier that can be used for acne treatments. Elder blossoms make a great skin cream for your homemade skincare products. Application of this cream to your face can help diminish acnes and blemishes.

Rose: Rose and lavender oils can be used on the skin as these act as gentle toners for the skin and there are no fear of rash formation. Rose oils are very beneficial in acne treatments or small breakouts. These help in keep the skin moisturized and soft. You can also mix them with face packs.

Witch Hazel: This is an astringent which is often diluted with alcohol. When it is used directly, it is an effective herb for the treatment of blemishes. You can use this as a toner for your skin. Witch hazel are said to have soothing properties and are used as a remedy for many skin problems.

From the above article we can conclude that herbs are the best remedies for acne treatments as they are known for their soothing and healing properties. They are completely safe and can be used for all types of skin. You can mix these herbs into face masks, or apply them directly to your skin.

Some of these herbs can also be consumed as herbal tea. Herbal tea helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body and keeping your face acne and pimple free.

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