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The Geography Of Skin Care

While many women have their skin care routine down pat as far as their individual skin type and health, they may be overlooking an important part of their overall skin care regimen, the part that is based on environmental factors like where you live and work. 

It may not be immediately obvious, but environmental and climate-related factors like humidity, pollution, etc., can have a major effect on your skin care routine. Instead of just relying on what you see in the mirror, you can look around you and take all of that in too. 


Pollution can have a major effect on your skin care routine if you are aware of the toll it takes on your skin. If you live a pollution-prone area, like a major city or a very industrial area, then you may not even realize that the grit and grime that is suspended in the air eventually ends up settling on your skin. 

This kind of phenomenon can interfere with healthy skin. The good news is that if you are aware of the problem, you can adjust your skin care routine accordingly to counteract the effects of the pollution.

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The elements

Weathering can also have a deleterious effect on skin care. Being outdoors a lot can subject your skin to weathering from the wind and the sun. Weathering like this can dry out your skin and overexposure to the sun can cause skin damage that leads to skin cancer. 

It is important to adjust your skin care routine to address things like this. For example, perhaps you'd be interested in investing in extra moisturizing lotion as part of your skin care routine to combat wind-chapped skin. 

By the same token, if you're indoors a lot, you'll have a different set of things to adjust your skin care regimen for, like artificial light, the stale air that is found in so many offices, etc. 

It is important to make adjustments to your skin care routine in order to address these things. There's no setting or geography that leaves women's skin unaffected. 

Sun, humidity, etc.

Seemingly simple things like the sun and humidity can also make it necessary for you to adjust your skin care routine. If you live somewhere hot and sunny and humid, then you'll need to make sure your skin care routine includes products that can protect your skin properly from the sun and alleviate any problems caused by excessive humidity in the air. 

While lots of women readily base their skin care routine on their skin type and any flaws that they see, it is also a good idea to consider external factors like these in order to get a comprehensive skin care regimen that takes care of your skin and the environmental effects that you exist in.

As you can see, when you take into consideration the external factors like pollution, office life, the sun, humidity, etc., there are likely to be small changes that you can make to your skin care routine that will be beneficial, whether it's extra moisturizer, different formulations of skin creams, or cosmetics.

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