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Good Skin Care: It's Worth It

Good skin care is a gift -- a gift you can give yourself as well as a gift that you can give to the young women in your life, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and neighbors. 

By setting a good example of what to do (and what not to do) you can ensure that the young women you know will learn good habits and get a strong foundation in taking care of their skin and looking their best in every situation. With a good skin care routine, you will also be doing the best you can to look good and feel good every day of your life. 

Good example

Young women look to the women around them to learn how to apply make up and how to take care of their skin, from washing it to protecting it from excessive sun exposure. 

By having a good skin care routine yourself, you can be that good example to the young women you know. They may not speak of it with you out loud, but you can be assured that the young women you know are watching what you do as far as skin care goes, and learning, good habits as well as bad habits, so be aware of that. 

Look good

Good skin care is also worth it because it will make you look good, at any age. As long as you are consistent and keep up with your own skin care routine, taking care of your skin, avoiding the sun and sun damage, you can preserve the great skin you were born with as long as possible. Let's face it, people do judge you on how you look, especially if you are a woman. 

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If you are in the working world especially, people will judge you. And so you really need to stay on top of looking good; that's not to say you need to wear a lot of make up, but naturally glowing skin that stands out because of your good skin care routine, makes for a beautiful woman.

Feel good

Good skin care can also make you feel good. You probably already know that great feeling that you get when you walk out your front door and you know that you look great -- it makes you feel good. 

And keeping up with your skin care routine can make you feel that good every day, because you will feel confident that you'll look that great every day. Good skin care can also help you feel good in that your skin will feel wonderful -- not itchy or dry, tight or flaky. 

Skin care problems like that can make you feel insecure and just plain uncomfortable. And that's no way to face the world. 

As you can see, good skin care is so worth it. Good skin care habits mean that you can set a good example of do's and don'ts for younger women that you know. You'll always look good and you'll feel good too, emotionally and physically. For these reasons, it's clear that every woman should have a solid skin care routine that she can call her own.

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