Winters can be exciting as well as can make you feel low and depressed because of the harsh weather. Most of us try to stay home and do certain activities which can warm up our body. Also, this is the season when many falls ill due to cold weather and it becomes necessary to protect yourself from the scary winters.

What we tend to forget during winters is the skincare which needs utmost priority too. Winter can get tough on your skin and just like how you prepare your car for winter and prepare your house for maximum protection from harsh cold weather, similarly our skin needs certain preparations too to face this season.

The results of the cold season on your skin can be very heartbreaking as your sensitive skin turns out to be extremely dry, rough and you might also face certain skin irritations. It is time to take some steps which can protect your skin from freezing temperatures and provide your skin some good moisturization and nourishment.

Winter Dress Code

First of all, it is needless to mention about the dress code that you must follow during winters. It is very obvious that one must only wear winter clothes when the weather is extremely freezing. Wearing two three layers extra is advisable and it will protect your skin as well as health from the adverse weather conditions.

Use clean moisturizers and lotions

Just like how vitamins and minerals provide proper nourishment to our body, similarly moisturizers and body lotions help to make your skin look soft and supple. Cold weather dries out your skin badly and it apparently becomes very rough which must be treated as soon as possible.

It is recommended that stocking up your moisturizers, body creams and body lotions before the winter starts will help you in following a proper winter skincare routine. Use thick creams on your body which is locked in your skin for long time, probably till the time you take your next shower. Once you are done with your shower, apply the winter creams immediately. Application of body oils is also a good idea.

Don’t forget your lip balm

Lip balms are the next important thing that you must never compromise on especially during winters. Our lips are the most delicate as well as sensitive part of our body which is totally exposed to harsh weather and climatic conditions. Worst temperatures can dry your lips and also make it appear cracked and dirty.

Keep your lips moisturized and hydrated with a good quality lip balm which consists of SPF and vitamin E. Lip balms are not to be shared with other people because it can spread diseases and germs.

Keep yourself hydrated

Winters require us to stay hydrated always. Some people think drinking water is not so required during cold weathers. If you think so, you are wrong. Drinking enough water during winters is as important as drinking water during summers.

When you consume enough water during the cold season, it will help to keep your skin look vibrant and healthy.

Keep your hand cream and foot cream handy

Dryness can attack your foot and hands (palms) as well. Take care of your sensitive areas with a good quality hand cream as well as foot cream which will help in keeping your hands and foot moisturized and nourished for the whole day.

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