Oily skin can change your entire look. Moreover, the results that are caused due to the oily face can be heartbreaking and irritating. The worst result of oiliness on your skin are pimples and acnes. We all suffer from acnes at some point of our life. Some have it on their face and skin for a long time while some are able to get rid of those marks in less time. Acnes are normally caused due to our hormones and lifestyle habits. Unhealthy diets and too much use of dangerous chemical cosmetics can also lead to acnes and pimples on your pretty face. Yes, oily skin is the most critical factor that causes acnes and pimples.

People with oily skin try hundreds of home remedies as well as never tend to miss the salon days in order to reduce the amount of oil deposit on their pretty face. It is time to keep that unwanted oil at bay and control the further breakouts in the form of harsh pimples.

The skin becomes over oily due to the excess production of sebum by an overactive gland which is known as pilosebaceous unit and is in the form of oil gland. Other reason could be the hormones that are totally out of one’s control. When our hormones produce excess of sebum it can cause increase in pimple pop outs and thus resulting in to acne marks. The acne bacteria are forever on the skin and it grows around the oil glands which causes the redness of the pimple. This can also hurt you as pimples can be painful at times.

Following a proper skincare routine is the best remedy to get rid of the oil that deposits on your skin. If you are someone who applies make up daily, it is necessary to remove the makeup from your face at the end of the day with the help of micellar water. After that use a gentle cleanser which is non-perfumed and totally natural. Use a light moisturizer on your face after cleaning it with cleanser, gels are more appropriate if you are having an extremely oily skin. You can also apply Vitamin A creams on your acne prone areas as it will reduce the amount of inflammation, dryness as well as irritation.

Apart from the proper skincare routine, it is also important to focus on your diet. A healthy diet will keep your body fit as well as improves your skin texture and radiates a natural glow on your face. Avoiding excess sugared foods as well as fried in oil foods can save you from increased oil production by the oil glands on your skin and controls the acnes and pimples on your face.

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