Radio Jockeys are known for their live entertainments from radio to thousands and their sounds and for the incredible ability of making emotional people and making them look at the funny aspect of their lives, just in their voice, in this article we have prepared a list of some of the best radio shows Radio Jockeys

RJ Naved

The concept of michi murga, a massive hit with the audience came from RJ Naved, friendly personality is loved by all. There is a joke on unsuspecting listeners every evening and, although it’s funny about 80 times in the meantime, it also includes a very deep social message with its superb mind that lets the local Delhi touch in the language that helps them to comfortably communicate with the audience, which makes it a favorite of all generations. He was awarded with the best RJ award from Golden Mike 2015. He is loved and admired by millions of audiences from across the country

RJ Raunac

Raunak is one of the humble and more aseptic found man┬áN2 has the potential, thanks to his dumb and stupefying, to play both irritating and friendly character of Bave on the air. It’s time to name an innocent boy if his best attribute is a full appraisal of his best morning show and the song that discusses the new N2. Most of the Delhites begin their day with their morning listening

RJ Saima

RJ saimas nostalgic voice is one of the most mystical of the tree she dictator with her soft tone har display that’s about the 60-70’s, an 80’s singer and her iconic musical icon was even hosting competitions among the listeners. Har’s engaging and entertaining personality helped keep her at the top of the charts

RJ Sarthak

RJ Sarthak is one of the treasures of the radio industry who, besides the daily Radiohead and Persia, introduces some fairly unusual yet excellent English music to Delhi audiences, as he presents his songs to the florist was a genuine poetry, and Sarthak is considered to be the best to make the day out in the morning to his listeners.

And here is the list of some of the best radio jockeys of the country comes to an end. Hope this article has been informative to you, do share your reviews about the same. For queries and suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us. To learn more about entertainment, keep visiting us.

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