If you search for the herb which is best for your skin and health, it will be none other than Neem. It is a very popular medical plant which is used in almost every household. They have been used for thousand years now and has several health benefits.

Neem is also used in several cosmetics which help in reducing skin problems and have been very popular in the cosmetic industry. It has water in its leaves so it helps to hydrate your skin. This plant is full of vitamins and minerals which gives an instant glow when applied on skin.

It is necessary that you apply neem added face creams on your face in the right way. This plant deserves a prominent place in your daily skincare routine. This herbal plant is considered to be the best antioxidant with anti-bacterial properties. They help in eradicating the bacteria which can cause several infections in our body. Also, it can be used to heal the wounds and burns. It is considered to be the best treatment for sores and sun burns.

Neem is the best tropical treatment for all the skin problems. Apart from the skin problems, it also helps in reducing the dental plague. Teeth and gum disease is very common and the best way to stop this disease is by using the aloe vera juice in the mouth wash. The neem treatment can reduce the mouth ulcer by reducing its size and the paste needs to be effectively applied on the affected area.

When we talk about its benefit on skin, it saves your face and other parts of your body from various allergic reactions and breakouts. It is always advisable that if you are using neem for the first time, do not use it in large quantities. Start applying a small amount of the cream to your skin other than your face like your arm or thigh in order to check out the reactions.

Apart from using the other aloe vera products which are sold in the market in the form of bottles and tubes, you can try out various homemade recipes like neem face masks. Apply this mask for 15 minutes and then was it away. Also, if you prefer applying neem face cream on your face, don’t leave it for too long because it can clog your pores. Apply it for 5-10 minutes and you can yourself see the results.

Neem is the best Ayurvedic plant which works as an anti-ageing treatment. The fatty acids and vitamins that are present in neem helps in increasing the elasticity of your skin thus reducing the wrinkles, fine lines and also actively reduces scars that are visible on your skin. Neem can also work very fine on the acnes and pimples.

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