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Acne Myths: Chocolate And Sex Causes Acne

There are many things that people tend to come up with myths about and they flow down the ages from generation to generation.

One of things that have found the many myths is acne. People have come up with their own brand of treatments and causes that they deal out to those that do and do not want to hear.

Well that is the case with many things but there is very little medical backing for most of these myths and people try to make them sound as believable as possible.

However, there are some things that people have just learned to accept as fact and they tend to push them to the front of their minds in most cases.

So you really need to learn that not everything that people have passed down through the ages has no real value unless it was determined to be correct by a doctor or medical professional.

There are many things that need to be understood about acne and many of them tend to dispense the carried down myths. This is something that many people have a lot of trouble swallowing these things but they are nothing more than plain and simple fact.

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Chocolate Causes Acne

False. While some foods have been known to make an outbreak of acne get worse, there is nothing about chocolate or any other food that will cause acne. This stems from the other myth that sugar was a direct cause of acne as well.

Researchers dispelled this myth many years ago but it still runs rampant around the world. Even though there are many health conditions that can be caused by too much sugar, acne is not one of them.

Sex Causes Acne

False. While many people have longed believed that sex has a direct link to acne, the doctors and scientists of the world have long put this myth to bed.

The reason that this myth was founded comes from the fact that the body is changing during puberty. One of the major changes is the development and maturing of the sex organs.

Since puberty is when acne forms as well, people logically drew a conclusion that sex is a cause of acne. This was also a known method for parents to try and dissuade teens from having sexual relations.

There is no link between sex and acne at all and the hormonal balances of the body that are affected during sex have no affect on acne either.

Acne Is Caused By Dirty Skin

False. For more years than most can remember, people have believed that a dirty face will cause acne to form. That is why so many people believe that washing the face several times a day will stop acne from forming.

The truth of the matter is that excessive face washing can actually make acne worse. That is why it is so important for people to have a regular habit of face washing that is only one or two times a day at most.

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