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Stress Makes Teen Acne Worse

Most people can remember when they were a teenager. That was most likely one of the most difficult times for you as it is for the teens of today.

When you are a teen you are starting to go through a lot of changes.

These changes are part of the natural process of the body maturing. There is nothing that you can do about all of the changes and you will just have to learn to deal with some of the things.

In many cases there are severe mood swings and so on that can be associated with puberty and being a teenager.

That comes from the rapid shift in hormones that occur. These hormones have a lot to do with most of the things that are going on in the body. It is basically a time when teens have little control over what is going on in their body.

They do not know that everything is shifting and maturing, which will actually explain the behavior that most teens have. The other aspect that comes along with being a teen in puberty is acne.

In most people, the onset of acne is directly related to the time when puberty starts. This link has led the medical community to the conclusion to the fact that hormones are a direct cause or link to acne.

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That is why it is so common among teens. Their bodies are starting to move around so much and change in so many ways that they have little control over anything. Then the acne starts, which can lead to more problems. Severe cases of acne are known to cause severe scarring.

The peer pressure that most teens feel is a leading cause of depression in the age group and it also means that you would need to be careful because acne is a major cause as well. The pressure to look a certain way is often more than teens believe they can handle and a loss of self esteem surely follows.

One of the things that the medical community has finally discovered is the fact that stress can actually make the acne that teens suffer from much worse. This was done through an intense five year study where the affects of stress on teens was measured.

The out come was amazing. For those teens that had high stress levels, whether they be social issues or nothing more than some extra home work, the acne they were suffering from continued to get worse.

Teens who had little in the way of stress saw some improvement in their acne without any kind of out side treatment. This is a very exciting link for the medical community. Researchers believe that if they can find this kind of link then they may be able to find a way to stop the acne from forming.

Of course this could be a long way to come but it also gives them some solid ground to stand on when it comes to acne. That is why lowering the stress level of teens who have severe acne is one of the most important steps.

If the stress level drops then you can rest assured that they will see a decrease in the progression of the acne.

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