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Skin Care Tools

While having a good skin care routine is important, it's also important to have the proper skin care tools.

You wouldn't try and build a house without a hammer and nails, would you?

So don't dare try taking care of your skin care needs without tweezers, a soft cloth, cotton balls, and good make up.


It's worth the money to invest in a good pair of tweezers. A stainless steel pair will last for a very long time. Choose one that has a flat or angled tip, depending on your preference and what you'll be using it for. Try out a couple of pairs to see which one feels most comfortable in your hand.

Keep them clean with soap and water or perhaps a quick alcohol wash. Tweezers are great for removing unwanted facial hair, especially shaping eyebrows.

A soft cloth

Having a soft cloth as a skin care tool is a great idea for both washing your face and/or drying your face. You don't want anything too rough. A rough cloth might irritate your skin, leaving it red, raw, and irritated. That's no good, it will only leave you with more skin care problems than what you may have started with.

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Massaging your skin with a cloth can improve circulation and help wash away impurities that can cause clogged pores and embarrassing blemished. You can also use a soft cloth to apply eye make up remover and wipe it away.

Look for a wash cloth that's made of cotton or some other natural material; natural materials have less of a chance of causing an allergic reaction.

Cotton balls

Cotton balls are an essential part of any skin care tool kit. Cotton balls can be used to apply make up or remove make up. You can also use them for applying lotion or removing nail polish. The great thing about cotton balls is that they are all natural. The cotton won't irritate your skin.

They're nice and soft to use, making you feel papered while you're doing your daily skin care routine. If it feels nice to use the cotton balls, you'll look forward to your daily skin care regimen more than if your routine left you feeling raw or uncomfortable.

Depending on how you work them into to your habits, you can get the traditional cotton balls or new cotton squares.

Quality make up brushes

Buying good quality make up won't apply properly without good quality make up brushes.

This is an often overlooked skin care tool. With good brushes, you'll be able to wear your cosmetics under the less is more idea -- you'll be able to use less make up to get the same effect (making the cosmetics last longer and saving you money) and less make up on your skin means less chance of irritation or redness.

Again, using quality brushes will also make you feel pampered. You'll feel good so you'll have more incentive to stick with your skin care routine. To wrap up, having good skin care tools is just as important as having a good skin care routine.

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