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Make Sunscreen Part of Your Skin Care Routine

Every woman has a skin care routine, from cleaning your skin, toning it, applying make up and removing make up at the end of the day.

But if you're not including sunscreen in your skin care routine, then you may be setting yourself up for looking older than your years, or run the risk of getting skin cancer.

Sunscreen can be used by just about everyone; manufacturers even make sunscreens for small children as young as six months old (as with any skin care product though, read the directions for usage and warnings on the label every time).

Many sunscreens vary in their level of SPF protection; no matter whether you choose a high SPF, like 45 or a low SPF like 2 or 4, the use of any sunscreen in your skin care routine is better than none.

Sunscreen as an anti-aging product

The sun may feel good on your skin, but unprotected skin is at risk of premature aging if you don't make sunscreen part of your skin care habits. The rays of the sun can dry out your skin, leaving it wrinkly and weathered.

Layers of skin may sustain damage that's invisible to the naked eye until it accumulates to the point you can no longer do anything about it, like age spots. Using sunscreen in your skin care will hydrate your skin and help prevent wrinkles, age spots.

Sunscreen can also help prevent that leathery look and feel of skin that some long-term sun worshippers get. Even tanning isn't part of good skin care; tanning damages skin and years of tanning accumulates with dry, wrinkled, leathery skin that's just plain unattractive.

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Sunscreen's role in preventing skin cancer

Skin cancer has become more common in recent decades. People are wearing clothing that's more revealing than in generations past (think short shorts, bikinis, and tank tops, for example). People have more leisure time and spend more time in the sun.

Skin care is now a whole-body phenomenon, and sunscreen is a critical part of that, especially in preventing skin cancer. Sunscreen minimizes the effect of damaging UVA and UVB rays in the sun's light, helping prevent skin cancer.

Help keep your good health and be around for a long time to come by making sunscreen part of your everyday skin care. It's very much recommended that everyone with a skin care routine add sunscreen to their skin care routine.

If you have special skin conditions or allergies, consider speaking with a dermatologist or your primary care physician about your skin care habits and the right sunscreen for you. There are numerous brands and formulas of sunscreen made by skin care companies.

There's no need to spend a lot on luxury skin care lines. Even the brands carried by supermarkets will provide you with important sun protection. Making sunscreen part of your everyday skin care routine just makes good sense.

It's a small effort in skin care that can bring big benefits in keeping you looking younger and skin cancer free.

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