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Teach Your Daughters About Good Skin Care

While you may be strict about your skin care regimen and it shows, are you really doing all you can to preserve your skin care legacy?

Specifically, are you making sure that your daughters learn good skin care practices early in life, so that they can enjoy the beauty and ease of fresh and dewy skin for a lifetime?

No matter how young they are, it's never too early to start.

You're the best person to teach your children by example, you can make good basic habits part of their everyday routines, and you can show them how to use make up to enhance, not overpower their natural beauty.

Why you?

It may feel like your children pick up most of their habits and preferences from their friends, it's important to remember that you are the parent; while it may not seem like it, you are still your child's most important teacher.

By practicing good skin care habits yourself, you children will learn by seeing, and if you make it part of their routine too, they'll learn by doing. Starting young will set them up for good skin care for life. This is a simple and life-long gift you can give your daughters that takes nothing more than your time and care.

Good basic habits

Teach your children about good skin care habits starting with washing their faces regularly twice a day. Make it part of their daily routine early, and set the tone for taking skin care seriously. This will make dealing with adolescent blemishes easier and less severe.

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Use sunscreen regularly; use specially-formulated sunscreens for children. It's said that people receive the majority of their damaging sun exposure before they are eighteen years old. Help keep your daughters from getting the most damage from those damaging sun's rays.

Address problem skin with the help of a skin care professional like a dermatologist. Also address irritations, redness, or itching promptly. Make your skin care routine easy and daily and your daughters will pick it up effortlessly and make good skin care part of their own lives.


As much as your daughters will pick up make up trends and styles from their girlfriends and the images they see on television and in the media, your daughters will pick up a lot of their cues from you.

Set the tone for good skin care by showing your daughters how to find quality cosmetics, where to shop for quality cosmetics, and how to apply and use make up responsibly (for example, how mascara should be replaced after a certain amount of time).

Daily removal of all cosmetics and washing your face before bedtime should also be part of the cosmetic skin care habits you instill in your daughters. With your guidance, they'll look naturally beautiful their whole lives.

Your daughters may learn your skin care habits by watching, but by far the most sure way to transfer your knowledge about good skin to your children is by showing them how to take care of their own skin.

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