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Daily Skin Care

Our skin plays a vital role in determining how we look. Apart from an aesthetic sense, it also protects and cover our body from the surroundings against the smoke and dust.

Hence, daily skin care is essential for a healthy body and mind. Often we ignore the fact that skin care should be as rudimentary a thing like brushing your teeth, taking the food etc.

Otherwise, the body might be exposed to the onslaught of all kinds of diseases. Improper or no skincare leads to various kinds of skin infections and the body becomes the storehouse of bacterial growth.

It is fact that, over the world the type of skin one has is dependent upon the natural colour, race, and climatic conditions. So, the skin care is different for different people. In order to achieve a shining, smooth and healthy skin, proper skin care should be made a daily ritual.

Sometimes, in their quest for a glowing and radiating skin, some people especially women overdo the cleaning through soaps which dries the skin making it chapped, which may lead to cracking and itching. So, it is important to have an idea of the type of skin one possesses.

Daily skin care

It is an established fact that maintaining an overall health is also part of the skin care as the skin is very much dependant upon it. Ones’ s food habit is of paramount importance in having a great skin. The daily skin care routine that should be followed is as follows

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Tepid water should be used for bathing, as there is the possibility of the skin getting dried when too hot water is used. Using of strong soaps, taking frequent baths should be avoided as by this, the natural oil of the skin would be lost, resulting in flaking and cracking of the skin. 

Vigorous rubbing of the skin should be avoided and moisturiser should be applied to the skin. 

The exposed boy parts should be covered with sunscreen lotions along with the moisturiser. 

The scalp is also part of the skin of the body. Proper shampooing of the scalp should be done to remove the dead cell or the dandruff. Instead of washing the scalp with one type of shampoo, it is always better to use alternate ones. 

Although exposing the skin to sun acts rejuvenates it, over exposure to sun is also responsible for wrinkle formation and it might even lead to cancer. The sun exposure also saps up the water from the body along with essential salts causing it to dry, crack and hyper-pigmentation.

But for children, it is important to have the vitamin D, an essential ingredient for the metabolism. For this, a proper and judicious exposure to sunlight should made part of the skin care regimen.

It is also a fact that skin is also a reflection of your mental state. So, apart form working towards achieving a good physical health, proper care should be taken to keep the mind free from anxieties in order to have a lustrous skin.

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