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Dry Skin Care

To be aware of the skin is the first and foremost requisite to follow a proper and fit skin care. If the skin feels dry and tight, then chances are that they could be dry skin.

If the skin type is dry, then appropriate skin care regimen should be taken up in this regard. With age, the skin becomes dry and it needs adequate skin care.

What is dry skin

Dry skin is a condition that is associated with the secretion of less oil or sebum by the oil glands in the body as a result the skin becomes dry, flaky and thin.

Reasons of dry skin formation

This type skin condition may either be hereditary or by the deficiency of vitamin A and B. At times, over exposure to sun, cold could also be the cause of this type of skin. Sometimes, they may be the reaction of drugs and improper functioning of thyroid as well.

Effects of dry skin

The effects of dry skin can be in the form developments of wrinkles, laughter lines early. Hence, they need urgent skin care.

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Dry skin care

Due to the presence of scanty oil in the skin, it is important not use any strong soap on the dry skin as it will only wash away the oil present in the skin. Moisturise should be made part and parcel of the skin care regiment meant for people with dry skin.

Moisturisers are to be profusely used on the dehydrated skin surface to tone it. They should be used around the mouth, eyes and also on the lips. Lips are the most pronounced area where the symptoms of dry skin are most discernible.

They looked parched and proper skin care should be done to attend it. Moisturisers are available in the market in form of lotion and creams. Exfoliation should also be made part of the skin care regimen of dry skin.

This will remove the dead skin cells and will promote the growth of the more smooth and supple fresh skin.

But excessive scrubbing should be avoided, otherwise the skin will become more rough. Hydrogenated oil used in skin care products should not be used, as they tend to dry the skin. The problems of dry skin like getting flaky and rough, gets accentuated during the winter months.

So during this period, careful selection of skin care products should be made. Oils can be added to the bath water to remove the dull look of the skin. The skin should be cleansed and toned up properly during this period. When the skin is excessive dry, application of a hydrated mask on the face can be done.

The foundation used for dry skin should be oil based so as to retain the moisturiser in the skin in tact. Creams containing alpha hydroxy acid, retino A may be used for dry skin care. The sunscreen should be regularly used as its effects are more pronounced on dry skin.

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