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Facial Skin Care

By following a routine facial skin care regimen, a lustrous and radiant skin can be attained and maintained. This can be done at home or at the beauty parlours through the experts.

Let’s discuss some of the facets of facial skin care.

Facial skin care

To be aware of the type of skin is the pre-requisite for the facial skin care. It has to be known whether the skin is of dry, normal, oily, sensitive or combination type. Then, the facial skin care daily routine should be selected.

Help of the dermatological experts may be sought for at the initial level for deciding about the type of programme of facial skin care, which is to be adopted.

Facial skin care procedure & products

The facial skin care procedure done by the experts or at home consists of washing and cleansing, exfoliating to remove the dead cells, massaging and application of most suitable facemask.

The facial cleanser cleans and exfoliates the skin, removing the dirt and the dead cells, which promotes the growth of the skin. Different varieties of cleansers are available like cleanser for removing make-up, cleanser for dry skin and cleanser for oily skin etc.

Moisturiser is an important part of skin care products. It helps in regaining the lost water of skin, thereby improving the smoothness, glow and suppleness of the skin. The anti-aging facial gels help in keeping the wrinkle lines at bay by providing water and vitality to it.

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The facial masks are also an important skin care product. It removes the toxins and impurities from the skin. Clay is generally used for the purpose and it comes in different types.

The different types of facial skin care products available in the market today are as follows

Fruit facial skin care product

Extracts of fruits like cucumber, banana, and papaya are used for this. The juice of the fruits is massaged on the skin to get the effect. The pieces of the fruits are also directly rubbed on the skin. Care should be taken not rub too vigorously. This type of facial skin care can be easily done in the home.

Acne facial skin care products

The teenagers are afflicted with acne and pimples. Apart from washing and cleansing the facial skin care for this, is mainly in the form of application of masks to remove the excess oil and drive the clogging out of it. Clay is the main ingredient in the facial masks.

Aroma facial skin care products

In this case, aromatic oil is used to get the moisturising effect.

Gold facial

In this type facial of skin care, gold is one of the ingredient along with aloe vera, sandalwood and moisturising oil. This helps in driving out the toxins in the body by accentuating the blood circulation and through lymphatic draining.

Pearl facial

In this type of facial skin care, ingredients from sea like sea scrubs are used along with pearl. Pearl is believed to give skin a shining texture and vitality.

Photo facial

Here light is used to treat the scars developed due to acne and other blemishes due to sun exposure.

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