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Natural Skin Care

It is believed by some people that natural skin care is the best way to take care of the skin. In this method of skin care, the skin care is done using natural products.

To effectively use the natural products and also to select them as remedies in skin care, it is necessary to know the different types of skins. They are:

  • Normal skin 

  • Oily skin 

  • Dry skin 

  • Sensitive skin 

  • Combination skin 

To find out the type of skin one possess one has to wipe the face in the morning with a tissue paper. If any oil doesn’t come out, then the skin is normal or dry.

If there is marks of oil on all around the paper then the skin oily, but if the oil is on the central part or sporadic patches of oil is found, then the skin type is of combination skin. By washing the face with oil, a tightness feeling on the face points the skin to be of dry skin.

If not, then it is normal skin. Occurrence of rashness and itches on the skin regularly points that the skin is of sensitive skin.

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Skin care tips

To be endowed with a naturally radiant skin, the following skin care should be done regularly followed.

  • The first and foremost thing that is recommended for good skin care is to take a lot of water and also wash the skin regularly without rubbing or applying any sort of pressure.

  • Making the habit of eating only healthy food like lots of fruits and vegetables and keeping away from spiced oily food. 

  • Using moisturiser as skin care, the base of which should be according to the skin type. 

  • Staying away from prolonged exposure to the sun and using sunscreen lotion when going out. 

  • Avoiding any chemical products on the skin especially for people with sensitive skin type. 

  • Not drinking wine and smoking. 

Skin care food

The skin is also dependant upon the food one eats. Hence, taking the right kind of food by the right amount is part of the skin care regimen. The meaning of right type of food is that foods, that provide the proper nutrition essential for skin care. The nutrition for skin care is as follows:

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is very essential for proper skin care. It contributes towards making the skin radiant and lustrous. Its deprivation may take to the formation of acne and dandruff, brittle nails etc. It is found in fruits like Mango, pineapple and in many vegetables like spinach and tomatoes along with milk products and fish.

Vitamin B: It is helpful in skin care, as it militates against the formation of acne and dandruff. It can be found in meat, fish, coconut, nuts and some fruits.

Vitamin C: In skin care, it fights against skin eruption. It is found in abundance in citrus fruits.

Vitamin D: For skin care it is essential to keep premature aging at bay. It is found in cod liver oil, eggs and milk products.

Vitamin E: It helps in scalp problem. It is found in vegetable oil, peanut etc.

Fibre: It is necessary for skin care as it helps in making the skin radiant.

Protein: Its deficiency results in a dull skin. It is found in sprouts, milk products etc.

These are some important facets of good skin care.

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