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Oily Skin Care

Many people especially teenagers take oily skin a problem although it is a fact that the oily skin do not age fast and the onset of wrinkles happens late on oily skin.

With proper skin care, the amount of oil can be regulated making it more shining and healthy. Oil is the sebum, which is a natural ingredient for skin care secreted by the body.

Characteristics of an oily skin

There is a glowing yet greasing shine to the oily skin, which is due to the excessive secretion of the sebum. This can be attributed to genetic factor. The oily skin is more prevalent among teenagers and since the dusts and dirt cling to the oily skin, they are more susceptible to acne.

In humid climatic condition, there are more chances of formation of excess of oil. When this happens proper skin care would alleviate the problem. The presence of oily skin can also be area specific, that is on certain patches of the skin there would more greasiness compared to other areas.

As people grow old, the secretion of sebum decreases and the skin losses its oiliness and so also the lustre.

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Oily skin care

Washing your skin is the rudimentary skin cares for oily skin to prevent the development of bacteria responsible for the acne. By washing the skin properly, the pores spaces in the skin are cleaned and the skin should be exfoliated to arrest the escalation of acne.

Medications, like some cleaning lotions could also be applied to stop the formation of acne. Rosemary, cedarwood and lemon aromatherapy oil are used as skin care ingredients for oily skin. Benzoyl peroxide is also used for the skin care of oily skin. To tackle acne problem antibiotic cream and lotion can be applied.

Home skin care remedies for oily skin

Fruit extracts form the best home remedy that is used for the oily skin. Juice of cucumber, lime along with curd is used for skin care of oily skin. Yogurt with strawberries and aloe vera are also used as mask for skin care. Some of the home skin cares remedies for oily skins are as follows:

  • Crushed tomatoes can be applied on the face to lessen the effect of oil on the skin. 

  • To drive out the oil a mask of clay is applied and allowed to dry. After some time it is washed away. This is a very popular skin care home remedy. Similarly tomato, lemon juice with flour can also be used as a mask. 

  • The egg white and lemon juice is the most used skin care reagent in home. 

Make up for oily skin

Since in this type of skin, there is already excessive oil in the skin, the moisturiser used should be oil free. The selection of skin care products should be such that they do not contain much oil in them. Talcum powder should be used profusely to counter the excess oil in the skin.

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