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Skin Care And Water

Any skin care expert or anybody has some ideas about it would say, Drink lot of water. True, water is very important for skin. Role of water in skin care:

Water is needed to keep away the dehydration effects - The skin is affected when the body is dehydrated. 90 percent of our body contains water.

Apart from being an essential constituent of the body, it also regulates the function of all the organs.

Lack of water in the body affects the skin as much as it does to the rest of the body. Inadequate amount of water would make the skin shaggy and wrinkles would come up early. So, guzzling up enough water is also part of the skin care regimen.

Water is needed get rid of the toxins The harmful toxins in the body are driven out of skin through the pores of the skin as sweat. Lack of water in the body inhibits the opening up of pores of the skin in flushing out the toxins. This makes the skin look dull.

Hence, in order to get a radiant and lustrous skin and look, drinking lot of water is necessary. For this reason, all skin care experts advise for it.

Water as carrier of essential elements and vitamins Water tones up the muscles and the skin by carrying out the essential nutrients to all the parts of the muscles and the skins on it. Water is also for skin care as it keeps the top layer of the skin healthy.

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Products of skin care with water as the base

For dry skin, water is the most useful ingredient that is used for skin care. The moisturisers that have water as its base is extensively used for skin care in the dry skins.

To maintain the tone of the skin, water is also used. In symptoms of dehydration effects on the skin, the cold-water mask is also used to give the skin to regain its vitality. For people with oily skin also, water is used as part of the skin care, to get rid of the excess oil formed in the skin.

The excess oil or sebum that is produced in the outer skin or epidermis is responsible for the development of pimples especially among the teenagers. By splashing water to the face regularly, the sebum is washed away and the cropping of pimples is subsided.

This can best be known and explained from the formation of wrinkles on the skin when it is exposed to water for a prolonged time. Sebum obstructs the water from entering the skin and as it gets washed away, the water gets into it and swells the skin. Consequent evaporation of water makes the skin wrinkled.

So, water is used as a skin care treatment for both dry and oily skin.

Treatment skin problems with water

In cases of eczema and psoriasis, it is imperative to drink lot of water along with the medications by the doctor. This hastens up the healing process.

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