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Skin Care During Teenage

Teenage is perhaps the most important time of a person as during this time a lot of changes, both physical and psychological, take place.

During this time, the teenagers also become most conscious of their looks.

But during this time, there is occurrence of all kinds of skin related problems and the teenagers have to address them. They can be pimples, rashes, acne, and sunburns.

Some of the skin problems become so unmanageable for them that they are driven to bout of anxieties and depressions. So, it is essential to have the knowledge of skin care.

Skin problems in teenage skin

During teenage time, there is increase in hormonal secretions. This increase in the hormonal secretions, lead to the production of more oil on the skin and also eruption of pimples and acne.

That apart, during the adolescent period, the teenagers are exposed to anxieties and stress, which might also contribute to the skin problems as more adrenal hormones are produced. So, skin care is very essential during this period.

The different types of skin problems that come up during the adolescent period are as follows:

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Pimples and skin care

The excess oil clots on the skin and this contributes the formation of pimples on the skin. Majority of the teenagers face this problem and also need skin care.

Skin care methods for pimple

Proper cleansing and toning of the skin more useful skin care for them. Application of clay mask to soak the excess oil is also used.

Acne and skin care

Bouts of acne are one of biggest skin problems that the teenagers face today. They are due to the accumulation and clogging of the oil produced during this period on the skin. They mostly occur on the face.

Skin care methods for acne

Regular washing of the skin is the main skin care for it. The acne should not be squeezed in any way. Any kind pollution like dirt, smoke and dust should be avoided.

Sun exposure and skin care

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful to the skin. So, avoiding direct exposure of the skin to sun is also part of the skin care regimen. So while going out, proper sunscreen lotion should be applied on the exposed part of skin.

During bouts of pimples and acne, proper skin care dictates against using any sort of make up. When using such products that have a oil base and moisturiser should be avoided, especially for on skin.

Foods for skin care in teenagers

To prevent the onslaught of the skin problems during teenage, proper nutritious diet is also very essential. Diets consisting of vegetables and fruits are the best skin care during this period. It is also important to drink sufficient amount of water for proper skin care.

Proper skin care habits for teenagers

Teenagers should keep themselves away form smoking as it has its deleterious effect on the skin. Having proper amount of sleep is also essential for good skin care. The stress and anxiety also contributes to the triggering up of skin problems and hence it is essential to have good physical and mental health.

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