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Skin Care Lotions

For proper nourishment of the skin, various types of skin care lotions are available in the market.

Different types of skin care lotions are available to be used in different parts of the body.

Different variants of them are also found catering to the different types of skin like dry skin, oily skin etc.

Since using the skin care lotions is an essential part of the skin care regimen, it imperative to know the different types of lotions available.

Different types of skin care lotions

The ingredient of the different skin care lotions are not similar and vary depending upon the way and purpose they are used for. Some may contain oil and is meant for dry skin; while in some other moisturiser is used.

Body lotion: - They are to applied over the body and mostly contain moisturiser. Some of them also contain sunscreen and ultraviolet rays protection in them.

Bath lotion: - Prolonged exposure to water during bathing might lead to the development wrinkles on the tip of the fingers and the toes as the oil in the skin is washed away. Application of this lotion after the bath balances the lost oil in skin.

Milk bath: - The supposedly good effects of milk on the skin, is harnessed during the milk bath by adding drops of this lotion in the bath water.

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Hand lotion: - Constant use renders the skins on the hands to be most susceptible to dryness. This lotion is applied to counter this.

Baby lotion: - This is applied on the sensitive skin of the babies and hence is devoid any chemical.

Selection of skin care lotion

It is important to decide the most suitable type of skin care lotion that is to be used depending on one’s skin type, purpose of the use and environmental conditions. Some case specific guidelines are as follows:

Body lotion – If you have taken a heavy bath in a pool or in the sea body skin care lotion is required to be applied for the wrinkle that are formed.

Sunscreen lotion – A sunscreen skin care lotion should be applied before exposing your sun to sunlight for prolonged period. More so, if there is pre-existing of problem of any skin ailment like rashes, eczema or psoriasis.

Lotion of Alpha hydroxyl acid – It is a natural skin care product and helps in regaining the radiance of the skin, which might have occurred due to over exposure to sunrays.

Some skin care lotions come with fragrance and scents, which can be used in lieu of the perfumes to elevate the mood.

Night skin care lotion – The night skin care lotion is to be used during night time to create a relaxing effect on the body. Usually it is added with mild scent and mostly used to have a good night’s sleep.

These are some of the aspects of skin care lotions that are to be taken into account while selecting one.

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