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Skin Care Of Sensitive Skin

Some people unfortunately possess a sensitive skin. With a slight exposure to heat or cold, contact with certain chemicals, they develop rashes blotches on their skin.

Such types of people have to be cautious while there is change of climate, and other environmental changes. The intensity of reaction may vary from person to person.

The changes also dependent upon the person as well, that is while some people with a sensitive skin react to the changes, while some do not show and reaction. Hence, the selection of skin care regimen has to be made with utmost care taking into account all these factors.

Treatment of sensitive skin

The sensitive skin has a low level of tolerance. So, it is better to be prepared for the environmental changes beforehand. The daily routine works and lifestyle should be regulated to for this. The different aspects that should be taken account in dealing with problems arising due to sensitive skin are as follows:

Dietary adjustments

A proper diet should be made part of the skin care regimen in order to avoid the occurrence of problems due to a sensitive skin. Certain seafoods have an allergic reaction on some people. Hence such kinds of foods should be avoided.

The oily and spicy food may trigger the onslaught of reactions of on the sensitive skin. Fresh fruits, vegetables are best for people with sensitive skin. The skin care expert should be consulted to decide about the dietary adjustments.

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But what is important for proper skin care for people with sensitive skin is drinking a lot of water. Water cleanses the body and keeps the moisture in the skin in tact, which would make it less prone to reactions.

Herbal remedies of skin care with sensitive skin

Usually, the skin is more sensitive to chemicals rather than to any natural ingredients. The more sensitive the skin is, more pronounced the reaction would be.

So, it is better to have the skin care of sensitive skin done with the help of natural products. Some home remedies for the skin care of sensitive skin are as follows:

The inflammatory reactions produced by certain sensitive skin types can be prevented with the help of green tea. 

The extracts of apple, cucumber and other fruits can be used as facemask to alleviate the problems of irritation on the face. 

By mixing the oils of oil and jajoba a cleanser can be prepared to cleanse the face and body. This gives a soothing effect. 

By the application of aloe Vera the itching can be healed on the sensitive skin. 

One has to be careful of the fact that not all natural products are free from any adverse effects. Hence, before using any skin care products on sensitive skin, it is advisable to test it first on a small patch of skin.

That apart, some of the reactions on the sensitive skins are triggered by the allergic reactions. While dealing with such conditions, proper medical advices from the dermatologist should be sought for.

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