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Skin Expoliation

Maintaining a shinning skin is as much important as attaining it. In the process of our daily routine, the skin is exposed to all kinds of external influences like smoke, dust etc.

This makes it lose its natural shine. The dead cells on the skin also make it dull. For this proper skin care is necessary lest it would lose its brightness.

Skin exfoliation, is the part of skin care through which the gains its lustre and vitality. In must known that a process of natural exfoliation goes on the skin.

But with its exposure to the searing sun, the pollutions like dust, grime and smoke, it becomes necessary to supplement the natural process of exfoliation of the skin as a part of skin care. It will make the skin get back its lustre, brightness and smoothness.

Skin exfoliation

Skin exfoliation, forming part of the skin care menu, is actually a way to get rid of the top layer of the skin that contains the dead skin. This should be done with proper so as not disturb the natural found in the top layer of the skin and the collagen fibres. Only the dirt and the dead cells are to be scrapped off.

Skin exfoliation at home

This type of skin care can also be done in the home. The face should be scrubbed with a cloth using the cream and the exfoliating mask. Other body parts like the back, neck, elbows, hills, knees should done with the help of pumice stone or loofashs.

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The face wash is spread evenly the body parts and they are to be scrubbed with the help of pumice stone, body brush or gloves. But the scrubbing has to be slowly. This will facilitate the surfacing of fresh, radiating skin.

Advantages of skin exfoliation

Skin care through skin exfoliation, lessens dark spots and reduces the melanin making it radiating.

Caution to be taken

People suffering from any skin ailment like eczema, vitiligo should not go for this type of skin care. After the skin exfoliation, moisturizer should be used to. It is very important during this part of skin care to do just by the right amount.

Overdoing skin exfoliation would render the skin thinner and thus making more vulnerable to infection.

Chemical skin exfoliation

In this process of skin care, the help of chemically prepared lotions and gels are taken to exfoliate the top layer of the skin. The lotions and gels used are generally the water soluble Alpha hydroxyl acids or the hyroxyl acid and salicyclic acid which are oil soluble.

Caution to be taken

After this skin care where the exfoliation is done through chemicals, there might occurrence of a burning sensation with the sun exposure. Hence, a good suncreen lotion should be applied to protect it from sunlight.

This form of skin care involving exfoliation when done manually is irritating to the skin, but the chemical exfoliation is smoother because here the dead is peeled off by loosening the bond among them and also by dissolving the dead skin cells.

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