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Skincare for men

Newspaper and magazine advertisements for women's skincare products are all over the place. It's far less common to find mention of products for men though.

These products are no less important, as there is little difference really between men's skin and women's skin.

Many men need moisturizer, blemish treatments, or even just plain sunscreen. But they don't need sweet or floral scented products or fancy pink packaging.

Right now, men are stuck with the generic lotions and other skin treatments that are suitable for both sexes. But it doesn't need to be that way. So why do you think men get the short end on the advertising dollars? And how can that be changed?

Appearance is everything

For the most part, culture rules. And today's modern culture celebrates masculinity. Anything that indicates femininity in any way is usually relegated to females only.

Taking good care of your skin is usually seen as a woman's thing. Applying creams, lotions and powders, for example, is commonly thought to be feminine. Therefore, you don't see so many skincare products aimed at men. Meanwhile, men get wrinkles and skin damage just like women do.

Men get age spots, dry skin, and blemishes just like women. Why should men have to sneak their wives' skincare products from the bathroom cabinet? Combat these outdated notions of beauty and masculinity by being proud of the products you use.

Own up to the needs of your skin instead of toughing it out when there's a problem or a condition that needs treatment.

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If you want men's products…

Companies that make skincare lines probably won't make a line specifically for men unless there's a clear market need for it. Men need to speak up and be vocal about their skincare needs. They don't need lotions and such that smells flowery or sweet.

They shouldn't have to settle for products that are generically appropriate for men or women. Men need skincare products that are unscented or have more stereotypically "manly" smells like woody or citrus or spicy scents.

But unless companies know there's a demand, men won't get the skincare products they need.

How to make your voice heard

If you're interested in men's skincare products, you need to speak up and buy smart. When you see men's skincare products that fit your needs, you should buy them; support the companies that manufacture men's skincare lines. Tell your friends and acquaintances.

Share these products with your sons and nephews. Also, write skincare companies and let them know of your wish for this particular type of product. If enough men spoke up and made their wishes known, then men would have a lot more choices when it comes to skincare.

By remaining silent about their product needs and wants, the options available to men won't ever change. While most skincare products are marketed to women, men have skincare needs too.

It's only through financially supporting companies that make men's moisturizers, blemish treatments, sunscreens and more by targeting your shopping that men in general will be able to make their needs widely known.

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